Bored with the atmosphere of your home that is just like that from day to day? If so, then that means the time has come to start arranging and decorating your home. Change the layout of your home furniture to give a new impression.

There is also nothing wrong with buying some new furniture to replace outdated furniture or to fill a corner of a room that still feels empty. Choosing furniture may sound like an easy thing, but actually it takes a lot of consideration to choose furniture that is in harmony with your entire home.

Here are the factors that you need to pay special attention to when buying furniture:

1. Size of the room – Do not be easily tempted by beautiful and attractive furniture designs. When buying furniture, you have to make sure that the size of the furniture matches the area of ​​the room that it will occupy. The Indonesian property market currently offers a lot of houses with minimalist concepts and limited space. If your room has a narrow area, then you have to pay attention to every meter available for furniture.

2. Strong and durable – Strong and durable furniture will give you savings in the long run. One type of furniture that is known for its strength and durability is furniture made of teak wood. Of course the price of teak furniture is higher than other furniture. But this teak furniture can last up to decades. Why buy cheap furniture if almost every year you have to pay a lot of money to repair or even buy new furniture.

3. Room concept – Currently, Indonesia is familiar with many interior design concepts. Fortunately, Indonesian furniture is always updated with various types of designs. Now you can find furniture with various types of classic, minimalist, contemporary and so on. Each of these models certainly has a different shape and feel. If your house is built with a luxurious classic concept, then choose classic style furniture with beautiful carvings. However, if the room is narrow and there are not too many details, it is advisable to choose a minimalist type of furniture.

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