Komodo Island Tours from Labuan Bajo

Komodo Island Tours from Labuan Bajo are the most preferred way to visit Komodo National Park. This is due to the fact that Labuan Bajo is the closest city and the only place where the airport is found. Labuan Bajo is also the main harbor for ferry crossings between Sape and western Flores Island.

For those who join the cruise line and land at Komodo National Park, we offer Komodo island tours from Cruise Ship. This tour is a special offer for cruise line passengers in Komodo National Park. We will not mix with other customers, you will have a private service during the tour.

At the moment, the best tour to book for cruise line passengers is Komodo island day tours. The team will pick you up from the cruise line with our luxury Phinisi boat or high speedboat. You will visit at least 6 to 9 places in Komodo National Park, depending on what type of tours you book.

Our Best Komodo Island Tours to Book

Below are the best Komodo tour packages to book:

  • 4 days and 3 nights Komodo island tours from Lombok. This tour package is perfect for those who stay in Lombok and expect to do a Komodo sailing. The boat will depart 3 times a week with a visit to some beautiful destinations beyond Lombok and Sumbawa Island.
  • 3 days and 2 nights Komodo Dragon Island Tours. These tour packages have two different types, private and shared tour packages. Shared tour packages will depart every week, while private tours will depart daily from Labuan Bajo.
  • 2 Days and 1 Night Tripadvisor Komodo Island Tour Package. This tour package is based on a private trip. You will visit 6 destinations in Komodo National Park including Rinca and Komodo Island.
  • Komodo Island One Day tour with a high speedboat. The tour has two types: private and shared group tours. Both types depart from Labuan Bajo every day at 06.00 am.
  • Combination trip Flores and Komodo Island tours. This tour package is perfect if you are looking for a great adventure. Besides visiting Komodo National Park, you will also visit some authentic places on Flores island.

For more details, prices, and schedules, you can visit our main page at Komodo Island tours from Labuan Bajo. There you can find a variety of Komodo tours, day tours, and overnight tour packages.

For the best Komodo Island shore tours, we recommend you book in advance. This is due to load or heavy requests, especially during the high season. You will also get a better arrangement if you make an advance booking through our official site Komodo Wisata.

Best Komodo Island Private Tours to Book:

  1. Komodo Tour 2 days 1 night. The tour is based on a private service that departs daily from Labuan Bajo. You will be able to visit 6 destinations in Komodo National Park.
  2. 3 Days and 2 Nights Komodo Island Pink Beach Tour. The tour is private and the most popular to book. You will visit 9 or 10 places in Komodo National Park. The tour package is available on daily departure from Labuan Bajo.
  3. Full-Day Komodo Island Tours Bali. The tour will use a high speedboat from Labuan Bajo harbor. You can join the tour from Bali as well, all you need to do is book a morning flight from Denpasar. Then you will start the tour at 09.30 am from Labuan Bajo. The tour will visit 6 destinations in Komodo National Park.
  4. 4 Days 3 nights Komodo Island Cruise Tour. The tour is a private sailing 4 days and 3 nights to Komodo National Park. You can start the tour in Bali and Labuan Bajo. If you start from Bali, all you need to do is book a morning flight from Denpasar and then connect with the boat tour at 09.30 am in Labuan Bajo.

Komodo Island 2 Day Tour package is one of the recommended tour packages for those who only have limited time in Indonesia. The tour is based on a private trip, so you can manage the time and places to visit by yourself.

Another best thing to do is join Komodo island day tours from Bali. There is a great day tour arrangement that you can book for a day tour from Bali. You will start the tour at 09.30 am from Labuan Bajo. You have to be at Labuan Bajo airport at 09.00 am.

Best time to do a Komodo Island Tour Indonesia

Indonesia has two seasons; dry season and rainy season. The dry season is coming from April to September every year. Meanwhile, the Rainy season is coming from October to March. We recommend joining luxury Komodo island tours during the dry season.

Visitors to Komodo National Park can also join the Komodo island tour from Gili Trawangan. This tour package is a perfect choice if you are in Gili and Lombok. You can join the 4 day and 3-night sailing trip from Lombok.

The Komodo island boat tour from Labuan Bajo offers daily private trips. Meanwhile, the shared tour package will be available once a week, every Friday. The shared tour will go to a group of 20 people for maximum.

Explore the paradise islands that can use Komodo Island Tour Boat. The boat has two types, a Phinisi boat, and a high speedboat. You can choose to go on any boat trip that suits your travel style.

Tours to Komodo Island Prices

The price range for Komodo island Tours Tripadvisor ranges from $50 per person to $1000 per boat. These prices depend on the season you visit. If you visit in high season, you will get more expensive. However, if you go on a low season, you will get cheaper than the price range we offer for the high season.

Discounts are available for each tour package. You can check them online. Komodo Wisata Tours is one of the best tour agencies that offer a luxury trip to Komodo. You can use this discount for your best travel style to Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island tours from Bali will also include hotel transfers from the airport in Labuan Bajo. Our team will be ready to welcome you to Komodo International Airport. The team will drop you off at the dock where you get on the boat tour.

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